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    Being Audited?

    An audit is the CRA’s way to confirm the truthfulness of the tax return filed. CRA auditors will demand books and records and often a meeting as a way to confirm the return. Not all of these requests are appropriate and we have successfully challenged them in the past. As lawyers, we also provide a different perspective to a CRA position than accountants and even than the auditors who are usually accountants themselves. Our work often resolves an audit before it reaches the next stage.

  • Objecting to an Amount of Tax

    If the CRA believes you owe more tax it will send you a Notice of Reassessment. It is very important that you file a Notice of Objection on time and to the right office (if you disagree about owing the tax). More importantly, the Notice of Objection must deal with all of the legal and factual issues that the CRA has raised. A successful objection must also canvas the legal principles that you can rely on that the CRA did not raise. Drache Aptowitzer LLP lawyers may be able to help you if miss the deadline and draft a submission to convince the CRA to drop the assessment or otherwise reduce the amount owing.

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    Unfiled Tax Returns or Missing Information

    Canadians that have unfiled tax returns or information missing on a filed return often cannot sleep at night. The consequences of either of these situations can lead to large financial penalties or criminal charges. Fortunately, there are ways to come clean with the CRA. It is important that this process be handled by a lawyer so that any information conveyed is protected by legal privilege. Drache Aptowitzer LLP lawyers can help guide you through the process.

  • Litigation in Court

    Tax disputes are heard in the Tax Court of Canada. The process prior to actual Court time is useful to move a matter closer to settlement or prepare for a Court hearing. Drache Aptowitzer LLP lawyers have a tradition of success in both areas. Court rules often require that the taxpayer be represented by a lawyer and the chances of success are highest when that lawyer is experienced. Drache Aptowitzer LLP lawyers have been lead counsel for cases heard at the Tax Court of Canada, the Federal Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada.

  • Difficult Situations

    Sometimes Canadians are left owing large amounts of tax due to circumstances beyond their control. These reasons are sometimes due to illness or natural disaster. The Canadian system is not without compassion and there is a specific CRA process by which these circumstances can be discussed. Experienced counsel at Drache Aptowitzer LLP can guide you through this process and prepare the best possible submission.

Awards and Honorable Mentions

Drache Aptowitzer LLP is pleased to have received honourable mention in Canadian Lawyer Magazine’s listing of Top 5 Tax Boutiques in Canada. Arthur B. C. Drache C.M., Q.C. has been named in the 2018 Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory for his expertise in Estates and Personal Taxes.