Drache Aptowitzer LLP does represent clients across the country. Clients of the firm are protected by the solicitor-client privilege bestowed upon us as members of the Law Society. The solicitor-client privilege effectively means that you can be completely open and honest with us. We can only provide you with the best possible advice if you are completely open and honest with us. We cannot be called to testify against you. We cannot use the information you give us against you.

Indeed, the solicitor-client privilege lasts forever and we are never allowed to betray communications to any third party.[1]


[1] There are certain exceptions to client confidentiality, such as when there is a risk to public safety or where the innocence of an accused is at stake or if there are allegations of misfeasance against the lawyer that contains that information. In all of these circumstances, there are limited exceptions to the solicitor-client privilege rule.